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GHD+Cove Workstation Backups Self Managed (Monthly)$19.99

GHD+ Cove Server Backups Self Managed(Monthly) $100.00

Standard Workstation Plus monthly (Self Managed)$15.99

Standard Workstation Plus Yearly (Self Managed Data Files only)$239.

Avast Antivirus Monthly

Carbonite Backup Workstation Self-Managed Customer,

Computer Geeks Notice:

Subject:  Data Backup Service


Self-Managed Customer,


I am reaching out to you as the Backup Manager here at Computer-Geeks to clarify the backup solution you are currently receiving.  This file level backup through Carbonite or Avast can only recover files. There is no recovery option for programs, applications or complete restore of your current hard drive.  If there is a failure with your Hard Drive or a ransomware attack, only the backed up data files could be restored (i.e.  Documents, Pictures, etc…).  Also, Avast backups in the cloud are retained for 30 days unless you have archiving enabled and pay the extra fees.  This means that after 30 days, the older files are removed from the cloud, and only the recently changed data will be backed up.

As a self-managed customer, you are paying for the backup service through Computer Geeks, and it is your responsibility to manage and configure your backup jobs.  There is not a service agreement in place for backup support or management through Computer-Geeks.  Computer-Geeks is not liable for any missing or unusable data.
If you are interested in our team managing your Data Backup and consulting on the best solution for you, please let us know.  We would be happy to discuss transitioning your backup services to a more comprehensive backup solution that provides business continuity and disaster recovery.


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